Our Facilities

Establishment El Coro

Villa Maria de Río Seco

Córdoba, Argentina

It is the first establishment of Don Emilio. It is located in the city of Villa María, Río Seco, Córdoba.

This establishment is aimed at the agricultural production and the completion of cattle to poultry.

In order to achieve a sustainable system, it has a Pivot Irrigation System that allows winter and summer crops with high yields per hectare.

In addition, with a circular economy approach, the manure obtained from the pens is spread in order to restore nutrients to the soil naturally.

Establishment El Garabato


Santiago del Estero, Argentina

This establishment is located in Weisburd, Moreno, Santiago del Estero.

Agriculture is the activity par excellence in this establishment. Cattle rearing and finishing with a pastoral system, based on megathermal pastures (Gatton panic) are an important part of this field.

Due to its high quality standard, the livestock production of this establishment is destined for export for Hilton Quota.

Establishment El Remanso


Santiago del Estero, Argentina

It is located in Tintina, Santiago del Estero. 

With the objective of standardizing the quality of the farm and achieving traceability from the beginning of the production process, this establishment is dedicated mainly to raising cattle to supply the other units.

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